professional martial arts instruction

Mr. Luis "Kikin" Ucelo was born in March 1979, at his birth,

his father and Master Miguel Ucelo, was  already a  

black belt and owner of a Wado Ryu Karate School. With

the objective of having always personal supervision over

his son,  GMaster Ucelo took him to the Karate School 

with him where he grew  inside the Do-Jang seeing his

father kick,  punch and teach Martial Arts.  Master Kikin

had great experience at his short age, seeing his father
so dedicated was and is for him the most influential model.

He has also had the opportunity to to train under and

with famous martial artists and Hollywood  celebrities.     

In 1993, Master Kikin obtained his black belt and since

then he started developing his teaching  abilities,  following

his father/Masters' footsteps.

Master Kikin Ucelo has an extensive competition background winning various awards, medals and trophies through out the years. Having won 1996 - 2000  the World United Martial Arts Championship in both forms and sparring as well as in Korea in 2009. Now he holds big pride in helping his students achieve their own victories, both in life as well as in the ring.
Master Kikin Ucelo opened the first UMA Arizona location March of 2001and then went on to open Ucelo Martial Arts Phoenix location in September of 2003, and is continuing to follow his dream and passion of teaching martial arts  and keeping the UCELO name alive and strong.    In 2012, Master Kikin Ucelo obtained his 5th. Dan in Tae Kwon Do and  5th. Dan in Hapkido, is also a Black belt in Karate Do and Kobudo, and also trains in the the art of Brazilian Jiu jitsu where he now holds a brown belt.