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 Master Miguel Ucelo has spent many years of his life devoted to training, understanding and discovering the secrets behind each technique in the Martial Arts. He has obtained a 6th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, 6th Dan Hapkido, 3rd Dan Wado Ryu, 2nd Dan Sai Jut Su and has trained in Kenpo, Jujitsu, and Judo. Master Ucelo is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, and has dedicated years of his life to help others understand the subtle arts of self-defense.

    Master Miguel Ucelo began his Martial Arts training at the age of fourteen in his homeland of Guatemala in 1971. During his earliest years he practiced the arts of Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, JuJutsu and Karate-Do Wado Ryu. In 1976 and under the instruction of sensei Conrado Guerrero, Master Ucelo earned his first black belt in Wado Ryu Karate-Do. He participated in numerous tournaments, all of them with success, and was the Grand Champion of the 1975's Central American and Mexican Martial Arts Championship.

    In 1980, Master Ucelo immigrated to the United States looking forward to expand his knowledge in the Martial Arts. Here, Grand Master Jun Chong introduced him in the Art of Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. It was in his school where Master Ucelo had the opportunity to train with some of Jun Chong's famous students such as Phillip Rhee, Simon Rhee, and Bill "Super foot" Wallace among others. Master Ucelo earned the master level of sixth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido in the United Martial Arts Organization. In September of 1988, Master Ucelo returned to Guatemala and established the first Ucelo Martial Arts Studio.

    Nowadays, Master Ucelo leads the fours schools  with the help of his family, brother and Master Edgar Ucelo and both sons Masters Kikin and Abel Ucelo, and trains with black belts and hundreds of his students in all four Ucelo Martial Arts locations, (2 studios in Guatemala City and other 2 in the U.S.), having now sister schools that teach the same methology in California, Guatemala, and Uruguay, understanding that leading by example is the best way to teach and learn.

Master Ucelo:

"I would like to invite you to participate and
enjoy with our martial arts family this wonderful

experience. Remember—it's never too late to begin."

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